About Me

Hello beautiful people! I have created this blog over a year ago, but something stopped me from writing it this whole time. I think that something was a fear of failure, but I get to this point in my life where I realize that not trying is the easiest way to fail. I write this blog as a diary to myself and if someone finds if useful I am more than happy to share it with the WORLD.

About me:

I live in Lithuania..Lithu.. what you may ask? It is a pretty cool country! You should definitely visit some time. I like to eat delicious food, take pictures of food, write about food, read about food, watch food shows, well you get it by now, food is a very big part of my life. I really do not get when people say they don’t like eating or they forget to eat. How is it possible? Not in my world for sure.

Although I like to eat very much, I like to do it the right way. My right way is clean, nutritious and healthy food. I do not label myself as a vegetarian or vegan, but I eat plant based food about 80% of the time.

About my blog:

I believe that simplicity is easiest way to success so everything is simple here. I don’t believe in quick fixes, diets, not eating after 6 or locking your fridge.

I write about what I believe in and what is important to me. Everything should be done consciously in moderation and harmony. I want to spread positivity and good vibes with everyone who visits my blog.

Have a wonderful day!

DoEle x

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