All about my love for BANANAS!

Oh bananas, do you know how much I love you? I literally go BANANAS over bananas!

I noticed that many people, well especially ladies think that bananas are most calorie dense fruit and you should eat it cautiously.. And no wonder why, even all the diets says “You can eat all fruits except bananas”. Poor bananas are always left out.

So it is time once and for all break all the myths about this beautiful yellow fruit.

Some facts about bananas you might not not:

  • Bananas are loaded with vitamin A, iron, magnesium and fiber. Fiber fills us in and helps to feel full for longer.
  • 100 grams of bananas contains about 90 calories and it is not that much, well at least much more less than a candy bar.
  • Bananas are perfect snack to have on a go, just throw it to your bag and you are good to go. Believe me, when you get hungry or want something sweet it is much better option than eating candy bar.
  • Bananas act like probiotics so it is very good to eat more bananas when you have to take antibiotics or any other drugs.
  • The starch in bananas helps with the morning sickness during pregnancy
  • Inside of banana peel helps when you have itchiness from mosquito bites, just rub in on your skin
  • It is recommended to eat one or two bananas after intense workout, it helps to balance sugar levels in you blood. Forget about fancy protein powders, nature itself gives you all you need.
  • Since bananas are loaded with potassium and have very little sodium in them, they are officially accredited as a prevention from high blood pressure and lowers the risk of stroke.
  • Bananas can be a great substitute for eggs in baking. The consistency of mashed bananas are similar to eggs. Half banana is equals one egg.
  • Bananas calms stomach acids so before you grab a pill, eat banana first.
  • Are you planning to quit on smoking? Bananas to the rescue! Vitamins B6, magnesium and potassium helps to fight abstinence.

And that is only few facts why you should eat bananas!


Myths about bananas:

The myth that bananas makes you fat is already busted, so now the question is which bananas should you eat?  The bright yellow ones you see in supermarkets are NOT RIPE enough and should not be eaten.

The thing is that all bananas are picked unripe in order to transport them all over the world and keep them fresh longer.

Unripe bananas have hard to digest starch which increases bloating. Bananas are only ripe when they start to have brown sports on them. Sure you can buy bright yellow ones from the supermarket, just keep them in the room temperature for few days until they become ripe enough to eat.

And when bananas are ripe enough eat them, bake with them add them to smoothies! When bananas turns browns, just peel and freeze them, you can latter use them for smoothies, smoothie bowls or banana nice cream.

ripe bananas20120607-ripe-bananas

So to resume everything – unripe bananas no no no, ripe, spotty bananas yes yes yes!

Funny fact #1 in many markets or shops you can get perfectly ripe spotty bananas for less, because they are “too ripe”.  When I find treasure like that I just smile and buy them all!

Funny fact #2 word banana was mentioned here for 35 times, that’s how much I love them!

Long live BANANAS!


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