Raspberry and wheat bran smoothie


So this week’s smoothie is very berry and very pink, perfect to get energized and start new busy week! Packed with fiber and antioxidants not only it’s delicious, but also nutritious, filling and so good for you. For this smoothie you will need: 1 ripe banana 150 grams of raspberries 2 table spoons of wheat bran Plant based milk (I used soy milk) Chop bananas, add raspberries and wheat brans to the blender Add milk and blend everything together until smooth Easy beyond believe and so so good! It really takes just few minutes to make and leaves you happy and satisfied! Raspberries are great source of vitamin C, K and manganese. Sometimes we really don’t need any artificial supplements when we have so much goodness in the nature Stay healthy and have a nice week! Enjoy! x  

Cashew sour cream


So, let’s talk about dairy substitutes. There are so many to choose from, from all kinds of plant based milk  to coffee creamer, egg replacers, plant based cheese. But let’s talk about sour cream today.

Fluffiest pancakes ever!


So today is pancakes day!!! Can it get more exciting? I love pancakes, but somehow eat them pretty rarely, maybe because it takes more time to prepare then a 3 min smoothie, maybe because we are always on a run, trying to do as much as possible. But if there is one day to stop and eat pancakes it’s today!

Sauerkraut salad


Let’s be honest, I love sauerkraut! I know it’s that type of food that either you love it or can’t stand it, but I ready love sauerkraut. In any shape or form: sauerkraut soup, braised sauerkraut, pastries with sauerkraut, you name it!