Hearty Vegan Chili


When days go shorter and weather goes colder, all I can think of is comfort food. During some time I realized that comfort food doesn’t mean it has to be greasy, deep fried and hard to digest. It’s just a food that keeps you warm inside and gives you that feeling of full satisfaction.  So I present you my vegan chili.

Lithuanian Thanksgiving


Here in Lithuania we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. But me and my friends still gather in our place every year to bake turkey and pretend we are Americans for one day.

Digital Detox – recharging inner batteries


Do you ever feel that social media just sucks you in and you spend too much time in the internet? That virtual reality sometimes eats all your free time? One more youtube video, than one more, one more and then it is 2am and you still awake. I surely feel like this sometimes and I don’t like this feeling cause I want to feel present and spend my time doing something useful.

Broccoli – Cauliflower soup


If you are hungry and only have 15 minutes this soup is for you. I like cooking a lot, but sometimes I just want to eat right away! Recipes like this really helps to prepare food quickly and still have proper meal.