Aquafaba strawberry Ice cream

For me aquafba sounds like some mythical ocean beast, but it’s far from it. When I first found out what aquafaba was, not gonna lie, I was a bit confused and didn’t have much hope it’s was going to work..

I couldn’t be more wrong :) So drum rolls please! Aquafaba it’s just a fancy word for juice from canned chickpeas..Yeees you heard it right, that chickpea juice can be made into ice cream, merengue, vegan frosting or even nougat.

For this ice cream you will need:

Juice from one can of chickpeas

150g. of powdered sugar

1/3 tsp. of crème of tartar

150g. of fresh strawberries

  1. Drain chickpeas liquid into a bowl, make sure there’s no chickpea bits in it
  2. Add half of a sugar and beat with hand mixer for 5 minutes
  3. Add rest of the sugar and crème of tartar and beat for another 5 minutes. By now you should have thick foamy consistency, similar to the one you have when you mix egg whites with sugar.
  4. In separate bowl blend fresh strawberries with a hand blender
  5. Slowly mix strawberries into aquafaba mix
  6. Add everything to a plastic container and freeze over night
  7. You homemade aquafaba ice cream is done!


It goes perfectly well with waffle cones and you can pretend you have a ice cream shop at home :)

And this missy had her puppy eyes layed on me the hole time, hoping some ice cream might drip on the floor for her :)


This ice cream is fluffy and light, perfect for hot summer days. You don’t need any fancy equipment to make it, it’s easy and cheap and fast!

Hope you will try this one at home while the summer still lasts!

Enjoy! x


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