Chocolate dessert smoothie

So this week’s smoothie is very chocolaty, very indulging and yet very good for you!

There are no added colors, no trans fats, no refined sugar just pure goodness from the nature

For this delicious smoothie you will need:

2 bananas

2 medjool dates

2 tea spoons of cocoa powder

Any kind of plant based milk

  1. Chop bananas, pit dates and chop in few pieces
  2. Add cocoa powder and milk just to cover all ingredients
  3. Blend everything together until smooth and you are done!

Again, delicious smoothie in under 5 minutes!


I really like this smoothie cause it’s so creamy and you really feel like having dessert, you just don’t feel guilt afterwards :)


Dates are great source of calcium, magnesium and vitamin B-6. It is perfect natural sweetener and gives that caramel taste to smoothies and desserts.


Hope you will try this smoothie!

Enjoy! x


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