Decluttering your life

So new year just came along and brought new challenges, resolutions and promises that we made to our self.

I think it is statistically proven that most of those resolutions fail, simply because usually things doesn’t change overnight, you don’t become slim just by signing to the local gym, you actually need to go in there and work your but off.  Or you have unrealistic challenges for yourself, or your mind and house is simply cluttered of things and thoughts you don’t need and that stops you from moving forward.

So let’s talk about decluttering your home and your mind to have a fresh and way easier start of the year. I know that sometimes it is really hard to get rid of some stuff and yes, I know all possible excuses why you want to keep it.


Sometimes it is sentimental value, like movie ticket from the first movie you saw in a cinema, but ask yourself, what do you treasure more, memory of the awesome day or this peace of paper inside the box on the highest shelf in the closet.

Sometimes you just find excuses not to trough things out, like “I can definitely wear it on Halloween or some other fancy dress party” and then after three years later it is still in your closed never worn.

And things keep on pilling and pilling and you feel trapped inside your home with so much stuff. The easiest way to see how much stuff you have is while moving houses, because before you have no idea how many stuff you have in each and every corner of your home. So imagine you have to move in few weeks time while decluttering your home and think if you really would like to have all this stuff in your new home.


Ohh yes, the holy grail of your home and somehow usually the most cluttered one. Go through every shelf and every hanger in your closet and think do your really wear this stuff or have you worn it at least once in the last year, if not it probably does not belong in your closet. And don’t use excuses like: “I might wear it during the party”, “I might wear it when I do something active and I don’t want to ruin my nice clothes”, “This might be my pajamas for sleeping”… eventually you end up with 20 t-shirts that can be your pajamas, but you still have that one or two you really like and end up wearing only those. It can be very overwhelming and hard to get rid of your clothes so don’t try to concur the world and clean your whole closet during one evening. Make a schedule let’s say one shelf every evening, put on your favorite music and just do it slowly.


Organize your clothes you want to get rid of into three piles: throw away, donate, sell. Thow away the ones that are really old and definitely not suitable for wearing anymore. Donate the ones that are still in good condition, you can donate to charity or maybe you have younger cousin, sister or other relative that might still use it. If you have clothes that are still in very good condition, but you never wear them you can always sell them, go to a flea market or sell them online. And then you can buy million other clothes with the money you earned!!! Noo, just kidding, the best reward will be your decluttered and tidy closet :)

“Someday doesn’t exist. There is no mythical someday in the future, where you are going to win a time lottery and you suddenly are going to have all the surplus time you don’t have today.”

Andrew Mellen


Same applies to your kitchen. I was cleaning my kitchen cabinets the other day and found oats that were almost 2 years old. They were probably still good enough to use, but just the fact that I kept on buying new ones over and over again made me sad. You don’t need to have 3 half empty pasta packages, or any other things so deep in your cabinet that you even forget they exists. Same goes with your dishes, do you really need that cup that reads “Happy 2011”? The thing is that we always have our favorite things and we keep on using only those things, but we keep others just for the sake of keeping and find many excuses not to get rid of them. “But what if one day, out of nowhere 20 friends will visit me and they all want to drink tea at the same time and I don’t have 20 cups in my house”. I’m sorry, but you probably don’t even have 20 friends in the first place :) Or if you do, you will figure out something when that time comes, be spontaneous for once, I am not asking you to go bunjee jumping, it’s just a cup :)

Other clutter

Don’t forget your shower, drawers, garage, book shelfs, etc. One shower gel is enough and 5-10 pens are enough as well. You don’t need to have 50 pens when only 10 are working properly and you always grab the one that doesn’t work. Just remember, that sometimes less is really more.

Your computer is also a place that can get really cluttered. Clean your desktop, make separate folders for music, photos and documents. I think it’s better to see your desktop picture instead of million diferent files. Clean you email. I did that not long ago, cause I just get tired of deleting all unwanted subscribtions that flooded my mail box everyday. Simply UNSUBSCRIBE. Maybe for that one time few years ago you helped your dad to buy electric drill online and now you keep on getting emails everyday like “Hottest prices on hamers and garden tools”. Trust me, you don’t need that.

“We buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have,

 to impress people we don’t like”. ~FIGHT CLUB

Decluttering your mind

So by the time you decluttered your surroundings, your mind should feel much clearer, but there are still few things to get rid of.


PAST: if we keep dwelling in the past we can never fully embrace the presence. I caught myself over analyzing things I said or done months or even years ago, even though those things are way in the past and does not influence my presence. This can be very grueling and you get tired of your own thoughts.

FEAR: how many times you wanted to do/say something but this silent “what if” in your mind stopped you? But WHAT IF you for once say or do something that you believe in? Just try to think of the positive scenario in your head, maybe you do something and that brings amazing results. after all, not trying is the easiest way to fail

NEGATIVITY: negativity is contagious and it is so easy to caught up into negative thinking. Most of the time negativity is directed towards our self, our body, appearance, looks. It can snow ball really easily and bring us down. Just try to think about all the good things you have around yourself, your friends, family, your decluttered home you like to come back after a long day. Your mind is a powerful tool and you want to keep it clear and working at it’s best.


If you would like to educate yourself more about decluttering your life, I strongly suggest listening to Andrew Mellen speech: Unstuff Your Life: Kick the Clutter Habit and Transform Your Life

I also highly suggest listening to TEDx speech called: A rich life with less stuff.  by two bloggers that run a great blog called The Minimalists

I hope you all will find stepping into a new year easy and you are ready for a new challanges in your life! I feel 2016 will be a good year!


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