Digital Detox Weekend

We live in a such a busy world, were technology is with us 24/7 and sometimes it just too much. Computer, cell phone, tablet, conference calls, meetings, presentations, TV, radio…

On days like this I feel trapped and just want to escape into the nature and treat myself to a technology free weekend. And so we did, we packed our bags and traveled to a country side.

Tiny cabin by the lake was all we needed. No electricity, no wifi connection, no running water, no phone service and NO PROBLEMS!


Weather was pretty chilly, but it was perfect for reading, playing board games, talking, dreaming and bonding together :)


And let me tell you, food cooked on a fire is so much better! Or maybe it’s just due to the fact that you get so hungry in the nature.

Prie-Labanoro-2016-08-05-052 Prie-Labanoro-2016-08-05-056

The simplicity of living in the nature just fascinates me, we went fishing (Just for fun of course, we let all the fishies back to the lake). We picked mushrooms and berries and just enjoyed fresh air.

Prie-Labanoro-2016-08-05-107 Prie-Labanoro-2016-08-05-117 Prie-Labanoro-2016-08-05-067

And after beautiful purple sunset we slept like a babies, after all day outside.

Prie-Labanoro-2016-08-05-047 Prie-Labanoro-2016-08-05-083

Even when it started to rain we cuddled in our tiny cabin and drank tea and wine and made future plans for future adventures.


Weekends like this just liberates me so much and makes me appreciate time with my loved ones even more. I have never seen my dog more crazy and happy, running around, jumping in water and digging holes. Seems that nature worked for all of us.

Prie-Labanoro-2016-08-05-095  Prie-Labanoro-2016-08-05-099

I have to say, I could really get used to life without technology. You should try it too!

Enjoy! x


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