Double layered dessert smoothie

This smoothie is a real treat! I like to make smoothies like this on a weekend mornings and enjoy it as a little healthy dessert. It’s a perfect mix of sweet chia pudding and slightly sour strawberries.

For this smoothie you will need:

Chia layer

4 table spoons of chia seeds

200ml of soy milk

1 table spoon of maple syrup

Strawberries layer

300 grams of frozen strawberries

Splash of water

  1. Mix chia seeds, soy milk and maple syrup and leave it for at least an hour to soak. It should form into pudding like consistency.
  2. Blend frozen strawberries with a splash of water until smooth
  3. Layer everything into a glass, pop few strawberries on top and you are done!


Just as any other smoothie it’s super easy, delicious and it’s done in few minutes. This amount will make 2, 200ml glasses full of godness. It does taste like dessert, but it’s packed with nutrients with no added fats, artificial colors or preservatives.

Enjoy! x


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