Hemp and Maca Energy Balls

These little balls of joy are a great healthy snack and you can make then in no time. Perfect if you have a sweet tooth or want to balance your fructose levels after a workout.

You need only few ingredients, they are refined sugar, artificial flavoring or coloring free, only pure ingredients from the nature.

You will need:

230g. of pitted medjool dates

50g. of hulled hemp seeds

2 tbl. Spoons of Maca powder

1tbl. Spoon of cinnamon

Pinch of salt

Few table spoons of cacao powder and help seeds (for coating)

  1. Place pitted dates and help seeds to a food processor. Process for about 30 secs.
  2. Add maca powder, cinnamon and salt. Process until thick dough is formed
  3. Wet your hands and form little balls
  4. Coat balls in hemp seeds and cacao powder
  5. Eat straight away or chill for few hours


These babies are super chewy, sweet and delicious, perfect with an afternoon tea. Maca powder is packed with vitamins B, C and E, amino acids and calcium. It’s also a natural energy booster. Dates work as a great natural sweetener and hemp seeds are perfect source of protein and healthy fats.


You can refrigerate them for a week, but I doubt they will last that long without being eaten :)

Hope you will try these energy balls!

Enjoy! x


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