Lithuanian Thanksgiving

Here in Lithuania we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. But me and my friends still gather in our place every year to bake turkey and pretend we are Americans for one day.

We are all busy, always on the go, always running like hamsters in wheel and it’s nice just to sit relax and eat delicious food together.

It’s started few years ago, just like a fun idea, but everyone liked it and now it’s an annual thing we do.

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I like to host parties like this because you can gather everyone in one place and enjoy great company. I feel like Monika from “Friends” always trying to be hostess with the mostess 😀

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I doesn’t have to be turkey and It doesn’t have to be thanksgiving, you can just invite your friend over and make a salad party, board games evening or a movie night. Believe me, you can always find a reason to celebrate.

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Once we didn’t have any reason to celebrate, no-ones birthday were anywhere soon, so we just checked celebrities and it appeared that Madonas birthday is in few days time..So we celebrated Madona’s birthday in style with her concert on TV and party hats. We are not even huge fans of her, but ir was so much fun! :)

So Plan a party and invite your friends it is so much fun!

Photos were taken by our fiend Monika



  1. Rasa says:

    You’re not Monika, You’re – Pheebs!!!! :* Looks such a cozy evening… Miss this place and the view through the window!


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