Smoothie of the week – double layered green smoothie

I really like layered smoothies, cause they always have that surprise factory, you never know what flavor sensation next layer is going to bring.

This smoothie is really good for your tummy, full of fiber and nutritious ingredients.

For this beauty you will need:

First layer:

4 table spoons of chia seeds

200ml of coconut milk

Second layer:

2 ripe bananas

2 kiwis

1 tea spoon of wheatgrass powder

  1. Add chia to a small bowl and pour coconut milk on top. Leave overnight
  2. Peel and chop both bananas and kiwis, add wheatgrass powder and water just to cover the ingredients. Blend everything together until smooth
  3. Add first layer of chia coconut pudding and pour green smoothie on top
  4. Done! Drink and enjoy! :)


Coconut milk gives that nice creaminess that combines perfectly with sour taste of kiwis. It is really refreshing and filling at the same time. Perfect quick breakfast idea!




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