While in Paris – living and eating out

Do you know what is Wanderlust? It’s a strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world.

Any kind of traveling is amazing: long vacation, slow traveling, weekend getaway or even exploring your own country can be pretty cool. This time we decided to pack our bags and visit Paris for a 3 day weekend getaway. And let me tell you, Paris is always a good idea!

This is my experience how I like to travel and feel best while wandering and exploring the world.

Packing for weekend getaways:

My first and only advice would be DON’T OVERPACK.  If you are leaving country just for few days, you really don’t need that much stuff. I know how tempting it can be while packing, but you want your trip to be fun experience, not to drag 20kg suitcase or backpack. We traveled with our backpacks, since it is much easier to walk in busy streets this way. All I took with myself was about 4-6kg of stuff. Bare in mind we were traveling during the winter and winter clothes take more space to pack.

Staying in Paris

There are many options you can choose from while visiting Paris: hotels, hostels, guest houses or renting. That is what we decided to do, rent a flat from real Parisians. AirBnB is a great site to do so. We rented a small private apartment near Arc de Triomphe. If you want to feel a real Paris vibe I strongly suggest to rent your own apartment, it’s like your own home for 3 days. Our studio apartment was small, but very cozy and very Parisian like, with old pictures on the walls, books about art and Parisian neighbors next door.


Renting your own place is cheaper than living in a hotel and so much nicer that living in a crowded dorm room. Plus you have a kitchen, so you can cook your own food if you are traveling on budget.

Eating out

There are so many food options in Paris, but I want to talk about the ones we tried and enjoyed the most. Many people say that Paris is very expensive city to eat out, but you just need to do a good research and find those hidden gems.

Bistrot Victories

This is where you want to go to experience good food, proper prices and authentic feeling of Parisian bistro. This place is always busy, not just with tourists, but locals as well, which makes it even more special. We visited this place on our first evening in Paris and were very satisfied with food and service in this place. Bistrot Victories is always filled with people talking and laughing, nice background music and plates clinging. If you choosing just one place to eat out in Paris, I would recommend this one. Address: 6 Rue de la Vrillière, 75001 Paris

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L’As du Fallafel

This falafel place is amazing! Even Lenny Kravitz says it amazing, so it must be true. If you like vegetarian food, friendly prices, big portions and very quick and helpful staff, this place is for you. This place is always busy and sometimes you even have to wait for your table, but it’s worth the wait. Falafels are super fresh and delicious packed in soft pitta bread pocket with loads of veggies, hummus, fried eggplant and sauce. Fries to share is a must, since it goes so nicely with falafels in pitta. This is not a place to sit for a few hours and talk, it’s rather quick option to eat and be on the go again. Address: 32-34 Rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris


Street food

There are so many good street food options where you can grab a bite on the go. Fresh bakeries, creperies, sandwitch bars, French fries or just fruits from the farmers market. It is a great option if you don’t want to waste your precious time while ordering and sitting inside, you can just grab something to eat and continue exploring. Since it is called “street food”, prices are relatively cheap and you still get good quality food. I strongly suggest trying crepes, I mean who can resist warm delicious pancake with nutella inside! :)

Eating at home:

Since we had kitchen in our apartment and local farmers market was just around the corner we decided to eat breakfast at home and fuel our bodies for a long day walking. Just sipping coffee, eating and planning our day was really nice experience. Sometimes it is so nice to do things slowly without rushing or running all the time and just enjoying the moment.


While in Paris part 2 coming very soon! :)



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