While in Paris – sightseeing

There is so much to see in Paris! I’m not going to state the obvious, yes you need to see Eiffel tower and Louvre, but you can find this information in each and every site when you google “Things to do in Paris”.

This time I want to talk about places no one really talks that much, but are really worth seeing.

If you want to see real city, not Paris designed for tourist, you should move further away from the city center, that is where all the real stuff is happening. But if you choose to stay in the city center there are few really nice places you should visit.

Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen flea market

This flea market is biggest in Paris and maybe the whole Europe. It is like visiting museum. The flea market has more than 3000 traders, shops upon shops, map so you don’t get lost in tiny pathways and restaurant inside the market in case you get hungry while exploring. You can find everything here, vintage antique furniture, old toys, cameras, pictures, post cards, jewellery, you name it. The only thing is that those are real antiques, not something that people found in their shed and what to get rid of, so prices are really high. But if you are into that kind of stuff, then just grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this free museum under open sky. Address: Avenue de la Porte de Clignancourt 18e, Paris

Paris-2015-165 Paris-2015-166

Jewish quarter

This place is a bit more far away from the city center, but have amazing vibe and food. Tinny streets and antique architecture shows real beauty of Paris. There are many funky boutique shops and ethnic food options that you won’t find in other parts of Paris. There are many vegan and vegetarian places to eat in this side of the city. It’s definitely worth spending few hours in this area.


Monceau park

I know that some people like to work out even on their holidays and this park is perfect for it. Situated not too far away for the Arc de Triomphe, this place is always full of people jogging, cycling or roller skating. We visited this park on Sunday and I was confused for a moment and thought that there is some kind of marathon happening. If you are into jogging while traveling and stay somewhere near this park, this place would be perfect for you.

Paris-2015-138 Paris-2015-140

Les villages de Noel

If you happen to visit Paris during Christmas period, this place is a must and let’s be honest it is impossible to skip it. This Christmas market goes all the way though Champs-Élysées, about 2km to one side and back. Even if you don’t feel Christmassy, this place will change it. Smell of roasted chestnuts and mulled wine is in the air all the time. You can just walk, drink hot wine and enjoy million gazillion of Christmas lights.

Paris-2015-123  Paris-2015-128Paris-2015-124

If you have only few days in a new city, use it wisely, don’t try to see everything, it is simply impossible and you will end up being tired all the time. Don’t go to places just to put check in your list. Chose places that interests you the most, not the ones that someone told you, you HAVE to visit.

Walk as much as possible, this is perfect way to see things. Just going from point A to point B you can see so many things in between. During this short trip we walked around 45km and it was so worth it!

Remember, Paris is always a good idea! :)


  1. Rasa says:

    Wow! Been in Paris, but didn’t visit any of those magical places… Will definitely come back there!


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